Accounts, Forms & Course Selection

Once your enrollment agreement has been signed and your deposit made, the next steps involve completing forms, and the completion of course selection for the upcoming school year.

Email Account

For new students, after enrollment, Brentwood Innovations will create the student's lifetime Brentwood Google email account. The details of this account and how to login using it will be emailed to the student's personal email address and parent/guardian email addresses on file. Having your student account will allow you to complete the course selection below.

Form Completion

A number of forms must be completed for all students.

You will receive an email from the school when the forms are available for you to complete.

Informed Consent

Please complete, approve and sign the digital Informed Consent Form located on the MySchool Parent Portal. This ensures your son or daughter will be able to fully participate in school activities for the upcoming school year. You will need to reference the Informed Consent Booklet and Handbook in order to complete this process.

Health Form

You will receive an email from our partner BlueHealth. We ask that you complete their questionnaire to ensure the School has a comprehensive understanding of your child’s health history and that they have adequate insurance coverage while at Brentwood. You will also be asked to complete the Physical Health Form with the assistance of your physician.

Food Services

Completing the Food Services Questionnaire for the upcoming year ensures that the School is aware of any dietary notes for your son or daughter. You can complete the Food Services Questionnaire on MySchool Parent Portal. Additionally, our Food Services team will be available during Orientation for any questions/comments.

Music Form

The Brentwood Arts department offers optional private music lessons in addition to our standard Arts courses. Parents/Guardians will receive an email when registration is available. When ready the form will be available on the MySchool Parent Portal.

Course Selection

New students will receive a New Student Account and Course Selection (with the exception of Grade 8s) email once enrollment is complete. In this email you will be provided with instructions on how to log in using the new student account and select courses for the upcoming year. Please review the information in the course selection area to become familiar with the Academic, Arts and Athletic offerings at Brentwood.

It is important that you are logged in with your Brentwood Google Account (and not another personal Google Account) when completing the Course Selection.

NB - Course Selection will be released in March.