New Student Enrolment

Welcome to Brentwood College School!

The initial part of the onboarding process involves students enrolling in the school and securing their spot by submitting a deposit.

You must complete both the enrolment and the deposit portions of this step before you can proceed to Step 2, which allows for course selection.

Please email if you have any questions.

Terms and Conditions

1. Enrolment Deposit

To secure enrolment for the upcoming school year, we ask that you submit your Enrolment Agreement and Deposit ($4,500 for Day students, $6,500 for BC and Canadian Boarding students, $25,000 for US and International students) within the next 4 weeks. Once we have received both your Enrolment Agreement and Deposit, your child's place at Brentwood will be secured.

2. Payment Deadlines and Options

Tuition fees are due according to the payment option you choose. Choosing to pay in installments or by month does not constitute a fractional contract. Please refer to your fee type and schedule on the site.

3. Statement of Account

A statement of account will be emailed to you each month. It is your responsibility to verify that the charges on your monthly statements are correct and pay the balance of your account every month.

4. Extra Charges

Tuition fees are intended to cover instruction and participation in core school programming. Additional costs incurred during the school year, (e.g. school uniform and store purchases), will be charged to your account. For information on possible extra charges please refer to the Extra Charges on the site.

5. Late Payments

1.5% interest will be charged to your account on balances that are overdue. To avoid interest being charged to your account, please pay your statement balance in full before the end of the month.

6. Returned Payments

Cheques or pre-authorized debit payments returned by the bank are subject to a $25 fee. The returned payment fee will be charged to your account on the date the payment reversal is received by the bank.

7. Cancellation of Enrolment

Brentwood College School, in its sole discretion, is entitled to dismiss a student, at any time, if it is determined that no other sanction is appropriate in the circumstances:

  1. For conduct inconsistent with the school’s Principles of Our Community and rules and regulations as outlined in the Student Handbook on the site.

  2. In the event that the well-being of the school would be prejudiced by the student's continued presence, or

  3. For fees not paid.