Athletic program

Students will register for a sport before the start of all three terms: Fall, Winter, and Spring. At this time, we ask students to pre-select their sport courses for the Fall term. Students will select their sports for the Winter and Spring over the course of the school year.

Please note that Grade 9 and 10 sport options are intentionally limited and restricted for the first week of school. We work to provide our junior students with intentional team-building opportunities at age level initially. Additional selections, in most other senior sport options, will be made available if students wish to change their sport after that first week, or it is deemed appropriate by coaching staff/instructors that students are better placed in a different sport.

To an extent, this is a pre-selection process only. Students will have the opportunity to try sports and change their choice provided they do not wait too long. Having said that, the vast majority of students remain in the sport they select through the pre-selection process; therefore, pre-selection is critically important for us to plan ahead and ensure that there are sufficient numbers of students to offer a particular sport. Students should always indicate their top two (junior) or three (senior) choices as there can be rare circumstances where we cannot offer their first preferences.

Before making any selections, please take time to find out more information about the sport offerings in Fall term. Please refer to the Athletics page of the Brentwood website.

Having reviewed the information about Fall term sports, you are ready to make your selection in Athletics portion of the Course Selection Form. Do not hesitate to ask questions for clarification by contacting Blake Gage.

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