Required Courses

Every Grade 9 student will be enrolled in the following academic courses:

    • English 9

    • Mathematics 9 *

    • Metamorphosis 9 (which combines Science 9, Social Studies 9, and Applied Design, Skills & Technology 9)

    • A Language 9 **

Information about these courses and about the Grade 9 Programme more broadly can be found in the Academics section of Brentwood’s website: Grade 9 Course Descriptions.

* If a student entering Grade 9 is advanced math, for example they completed Math 9 in Grade 8, then they would be free to select the next in the sequence of math courses, as long as the timetable allows students to access the course as part of their academic schedule.

** If new students entering Grade 9 at Brentwood has no background in a second language, they will be required to take Beginner’s Mandarin or Beginner’s Spanish. It would be expected that students would have some background in French in order to enrol in French 9, in other words, Grade 8 level French. Conversely, if a new student entering Grade 9 at Brentwood has a deeper background in French, Mandarin, or Spanish, they can take a higher-level course more suited to their skills. The Modern Languages Department will assess new students to confirm the appropriate level of Language Course.

When you complete your Course Registration, you will also be selecting your Fine Arts courses & fall term Athletics. Please click the links below to review details about Brentwood Arts and Athletics offerings.

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