Grade 12 ACADEMICs

Students' academic courses in Grade 12 must be selected with their specific post-secondary plans in mind to ensure they include all of the requirements for admission to students' post-secondary institutions of choice. This demands, of course, that students have good ideas of what they what might want to study at university and where. Knowing that is the challenge, as there may yet be much exploration to be done, or because students remains uncertain as to what paths lie ahead. From our perspective, that is fine, and students should never feel pressured to know what their futures hold with certainty. So how do we navigate this apparent paradox?

The answer lies in focusing on a student's academic strengths, as those are normally indicative of what that student enjoys studying. We ask a couple of questions regularly:

“What are the subjects you enjoy learning? What are the subjects in which you are successful?”

Typically, the answers to both questions are the same, and so those need to be students' guiding principles in terms of course selection if their future post-secondary plans remain somewhat unclear.

This is not to suggest that students should keep all options open. Such an approach can often force students into programs that are ill-suited to their strengths. Additionally, the approach has the potential to negatively impact to a student's overall achievement in Grade 12 that can have serious consequences to the university admissions process more broadly. Instead, it is best to keep open practical options with the selection of an individual set of courses that will maximize the chances for success for students in Grade 12.

The hallmark of the Brentwood Grade 12 Academic Program is the degree of freedom that students have to choose courses that meet the needs of their post-secondary plans.

Required Courses

Brentwood's expectation is that students in Grade 12 will take FIVE academic courses.

As part of the British Columbia graduation requirements, Brentwood students in Grade 12 are required to take:

  • A Grade 12 Language Arts courses...

The other courses that students take as electives depend primarily on post-secondary requirements, and thus course selections must be made with potential post-secondary plans and admission requirements in mind.

Elective Courses

Students must choose a minimum of FOUR elective courses in addition to their English option for a total of FIVE courses. Students may enrol in six courses in total, but six should not be selected unless a student is serious about remaining in all selected courses (and not having a Study Block in their timetable). The decision to take a sixth course is based upon:

    • Ability and interest

    • Total involvement (commitment outside the classroom and possible overload problems)

    • Required courses (necessary pre-requisites for selected university programs)

The Grade 12 Courses page (see the link below) offers detailed information and candid messages about courses from the teachers who know them best! It is advised that you spend some time reviewing that information before considering your choices.

It is possible that a Grade 12 student maybe required to take a Grade 11 elective course to satisfy a specific admission requirement. Please refer to the Grade 11 Courses page if this is the case.

Available Courses

English Courses

  • English Studies 12

  • Literary Studies 12

  • AP English Literature & Composition 12

Math Courses

  • Advanced Topics in Math 12

  • Calculus 12 / AP Calculus AB

  • Foundations of Mathematics 12

  • Pre-Calculus 12

Science Courses

  • Anatomy & Physiology 12 / AP Biology 12

  • Chemistry 12 / AP Chemistry 12

  • AP Environmental Science 12

  • Geology 12

  • Physics 12 / AP Physics 12

Social Studies Courses

  • 20th Century World History 12

  • AP Art History 12

  • Comparative Cultures 12

  • AP Comparative Government & Politics 12

  • Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12

  • Human Geography 12

  • Law Studies 12

  • Physical Geography 12

  • Political Studies 12

  • Social Justice 12

  • AP United States History 12

  • AP World History 12

Information Technology Courses

  • AP Computer Science Principles 12

Language Courses

  • French 12

  • AP French Language 12

  • Mandarin 12

  • Spanish 12

  • AP Spanish Language 12

Additional Academic Elective Courses

  • Creative Writing 12

  • Entrepreneurship 12

  • Financial Accounting 12

  • AP Macroeconomics 12

  • AP Microeconomics 12

  • AP Music Theory 12

  • AP Psychology 12

  • AP Research 12

  • AP Studio Art 12

When you complete your Course Registration, you will also be selecting your Fine Arts courses & fall term Athletics. Please click the links below to review details about Brentwood Arts and Athletics offerings.

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