As Grade 10 students contemplate life in Grade 11, a common theme for them is uncertainty. Many students are uncertain about what their post-secondary plans might be but hopefully they have developed a sense of what subjects they enjoy and know the ones in which they have experienced success. Those are the subjects that should be at the centre of a student’s academic program in Grade 11 as such a program will foster success and confidence as students move on into Grade 12.

A student’s academic program in Grade 11 must be made with their potential post-secondary plans in mind. Again, as there is likely to be a degree of uncertainty to those plans, keeping practical options open is the best approach. Note the key word, practical. If a student is getting 60% in Math 10 and does not particularly like the subject, for example, the choice of Pre-Calculus 11 would not be practical nor recommended! Keeping options open can be beneficial but can do a disservice to a student, putting them into classes that they do not enjoy nor in which they can succeed.

If students have a good sense of potential post-secondary plans, then ensuring that their Grade 11 program includes all of the required courses for admission to specific programs and/or schools is critical. Whereas universities will be looking primarily to Grade 12 courses to determine if admission requirements are met, those Grade 12 courses can have Grade 11 pre-requisites, such as in math and the sciences. Thus, it is worthwhile to also review the Grade 12 section of this website to understand the considerations involved in making those program selections.

In the end, the goal is to ensure that the Grade 11 academic courses selected maximize a student’s chances for success. As the best measure of potential success in Grade 12 is a student’s record in Grade 11, it is critical that students going into Grade 11 are given the best opportunity to succeed and meet their academic potential.

Required Courses

Brentwood's expectation is that students in Grade 11 will take SIX academic courses. The courses taken in Grade 11 are a mix of electives and those required to satisfy graduation requirement for secondary school students in British Columbia.

As part of the British Columbia graduation requirements, Brentwood students in Grade 11 are required to take:

  • A Grade 11 Language Arts course

  • A Grade 11 or 12 Mathematics course

  • A Grade 11 or 12 Science course

  • A Senior Social Studies course (although this can be delayed until Grade 12, if needed)

The other courses that students take as electives depend primarily on post-secondary requirements, and thus course selections must be made with post-secondary plans and admission requirements in mind.

We recognize that some students may struggle with the transition into Brentwood's Grade 11 from Grade 10, so it is possible for a Grade 11 student to elect to take five academic courses instead with the sixth being a scheduled block in the Learning Commons. Students will need to discuss this when they review their course selections with University Counselling.

Elective Courses

The Grade 11 Course Information page (see the link below) offers detailed information and candid messages about courses from the teachers who know them best! It is advised that you spend some time reviewing that information before considering your choices.

While there are some Grade 12 elective courses here, not ALL of them are listed below. The ones listed are electives that we make accessible to Grade 11 students while the others tend to be for Grade 12 students only. If a Grade 11 student is keen on one of the elective courses normally reserved for Grade 12 students, they will have to make their case about accessing those electives when they discuss their Course Selections with University Counselling after spring break.

Available Courses

Math Courses

  • Foundations of Mathematics 12

  • Pre-Calculus 11

Science Courses

  • Anatomy & Physiology 12

  • Chemistry 11 / AP Chemistry 11

  • Geology 12

  • Life Sciences 11 / AP Biology 11

  • Physics 11 / AP Physics 11

Senior Social Studies Courses

  • 20th Century World History 12

  • Comparative Cultures 12

  • Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12

  • Human Geography 12

  • Law Studies 12

  • Physical Geography 12

  • Political Studies 12

  • Social Justice 12

Language Courses

  • Beginner's French

  • Beginner's Mandarin

  • Beginner's Spanish

  • French 11

  • French 12

  • AP French Language 12

  • Mandarin 11

  • Mandarin 12

  • Spanish 11

  • Spanish 12

  • AP Spanish Language 12

Information Technology Courses

  • Coding 11: Javascript

  • Coding 11: Python

  • AP Computer Science Principles 12

Additional Academic Elective Courses

  • Entrepreneurship 12

  • Financial Accounting 12

  • AP Macroeconomics 12

  • AP Music Theory 12

  • AP Research 12

  • AP Seminar 11

  • AP Studio Art 12

  • AP United States History 12

  • AP World History 12

When you complete your Course Registration, you will also be selecting your Fine Arts courses & fall term Athletics. Please click the links below to review details about Brentwood Arts and Athletics offerings.

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