Course Selection

New Students

You will receive a New Student Account and Course Selection email once enrolment is complete. In this email you will be provided with instructions on how to log in using the new student account and select courses for the upcoming year. Please review the information below to become familiar with the Academic, Arts and Athletic offerings at Brentwood.

Returning Students

Please read the following guidance on the Course Selection process.

To Returning Students entering Grades 11 and 12 in the Fall and their Parents:

  • You and your Parents would have received the presentation given by University Counselling to Grade 11s and 10s before your departure for spring break that outlined important issues involved the Course Selection process and that it would begin with students making selections, with your Parents, over the break. If you or your Parents need to access that presentation again, and you are encouraged to review it once more before completing the Course Selection process, please find it at the University Counselling website HERE.

To All Returning Students and their Parents:

  • Please thoroughly review all the information below regarding the Academics, Arts and Athletics to ensure you make informed decisions about your selections. You will be making your Academic and Arts selections for the year and your fall term Athletics selections only.

It is important that you are logged in with your Brentwood Google Account (and not another personal Google Account) when completing the Course Registration.

Grade 8 Program

At Brentwood, the Grade 8 Day Program follows their own specific curriculum. Please see the Grade 8 Day Program page on the Brentwood Website for more information.

Once you have reviewed the information on the Brentwood website, you may be interested in registering for Athletic or Arts courses.